Best Denim Guide For Men

Denim Guide

washes and finishes

acid Wash

Painted in 1986, this wash uses pumic stones soaked in bleach to create deep contras within the coloring of the denim jeans.

stone Wash

Physically removes colour and adds contrast. A roll of fabric is put into a 250 pound washing machine along with pumic stones for a period of time.

sand Wash

Achived through a combination of pumic stones, enzymes and sand used to create the illusion of aged denim jeans.

dirty Washing

A finish that creates the look of stained jeans.

Raw Denim

Raw denim is denim in its purest form. It is denim that has not been washed after the indigo dying process. Which means that over time the indigo colour will fade in any areas where the denim is regularly creased or rubbed. This natural fading creates unique patterns of wear that will become your individual denim fingerprint over time.

your jeans age

Wash your jeans as rarely possible. Try to go about 6-8 months before washing your jeans. If you have only worn your jeans for a few hours. You don't need to throw them in the laundry.

keep the dust off

To prolog the first wash, always hang up your jeans-it'll air em out and keep em fresh.

If you don't store your denim properly. You willmuddle or lose the wear patterns you have made. Damage the fabric. and potentially creating an ideal breeding-ground for odor-causing bactria.

Denim care in detail

Wash them inside out.

Not to use a commercial washer or a commercial dryer-unless of course you want your jeans to look acid washed, in which case knock yourself out.

Wash and iron inside out and with similar colours.